Historical Landmarks You Should Visit in Boston, Massachusetts


Since its founding in 1630, Boston has been at the forefront of the advancement of the United States of America. As one of its oldest cities, it’s not a surprise that it’s also the location of some of the country’s historic moments. If you like to rediscover these historic moments that helped shape the culture and history of America, you should book your transportation in Boston Massachusetts and visit the following sites:

  • Freedom Trail
    This site is a 4-kilometer long avenue that features 16 of the country’s notable landmarks, including burial grounds, parks, churches, and museums. Specifically, the Granary Burying Ground, Old South Meeting House, Bunker Hill Monument, and Paul Revere House are four of the sites you can visit by just following this trail. You can avail of a limo service in Massachusetts to ensure a comfortable and safe ride to and from the destinations on your itinerary.
  • Boston Common
    As one of the country’s oldest parks, the Boston Common boasts of its 20-hectare lush parkland that houses historic attractions and conservation sites. Also, you can drop by the Parkman Bandstand and the Boston Massacre Memorial. Don’t worry about the travel time! Just partner with a provider of transportation service in Massachusetts.
  • Faneuil Hall
    Constructed in 1742 and was once called “the Cradle of Liberty,” the Faneuil Hall is now a significant part of a great marketplace. Here you can find local stalls that sell artisan goods, delicious foods, and clothing. There are also live performances daily that will surely satisfy every tourists’ love for fun and shopping.

Boston is indeed a city you shouldn’t miss to visit on your next trip. Even if you just have a two-day vacation, you’ll surely enjoy your stay as you visit the country’s historical landmarks, parks, and entertainment centers. Just be sure to reserve an airport transfer service in Massachusetts so that you’ll enjoy a convenient mode of transportation. For that matter, you can rely on Harmony Limo Services Inc. to give you excellent transportation services.

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