Getting Around Boston, MA: A List of the City’s Tallest Buildings

Getting Around Boston, MA: A List of the City’s Tallest Buildings

Are you a foreign entrepreneur visiting Boston, MA for the first time? If yes, prepare yourself for an exciting trip. As one of the world’s most progressive cities, Boston boasts its thriving business district. So the first thing to do is to avail of limo transportation in Boston Massachusetts that can take you to the city’s business landmarks. Specifically, the following are the city’s tallest towers you should see first on your stay here:

  • John Hancock Tower

    This 790-foot building towers above the city’s skyline. John Hancock Tower is the tallest building in the city since 1976. Its blue reflective glass gives it a distinct look even when viewed from a distance.

  • The Prudential Tower

    Yes, John Hancock Tower might have surpassed The Pru as the tallest skyscraper in Boston. But you still need to go up the towers’ 50th floor. Here you can find The Skywalk, an observation deck that gives you a breathtaking city view. Avail of a limo service in Massachusetts to make your trip within the city faster.

  • Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences, One Dalton Street

    One Dalton Street is actually a residential building with 61 floors. It has a private dining space, ballroom, gym with spa, and meeting rooms. Perhaps you’d like to hold one of your business meetings here.

  • Millennium Tower

    The Millennium Tower can easily be called the home of the elites. As a luxury condo, the building has 420 residences within its 60 floors and is located in the city’s premier business district. Over the years, it has attracted investors from around the world. If you opt to stay here, avail of transportation service in Massachusetts to secure a comfy and classy ride.

These buildings speak a lot about Boston’s economic growth. And if you’re looking to join the city’s bustling entrepreneurial world, you have to be familiar with these buildings. To make your trip easier, avail of airport transfer service in Massachusetts from Harmony Transportation Inc. and enjoy a hassle-free and stylish ride around the city.

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