Visit These 4 Places to Treat Your Father on His Birthday


Are you planning for your dad’s birthday party? Are you planning something unique and memorable? If you are, it would be great to take him and your entire family for a day trip in Boston, Massachusetts. Then, hire a limo service in Massachusetts to take you to and from one or more of the following destinations:

  • Boston’s Breweries that also welcome children, such as the Barking Crab and Trillium Brewing Company. Certainly, your dad would want a mug or two of ice-cold beer. But if you’re tagging kids along, visit these breweries and treat the children to some mac and cheese meals, seafood, and sandwiches. If you’re from another state, you can hire an airport transfer service in Massachusetts to make your travels from and to the airport hassle-free.
  • When you’ve had your fill of foods and drinks, head to the pond or lake. You can have your birthday picnic at the Arlington Reservoir to enjoy a freshwater dip. Or, you can spend the rest of the day at Cochituate State Park so that dad can go on a fishing, kayaking, or windsurfing adventure, while the kids can go for a good swim.
  • You can also visit museums, such as the MIT Museum and Museum of Science. No matter their age, men almost always have a thing for robots, mechanical creations, and science exhibits. You can actually have a museum tour around the area. Just hire a limo transportation service in Massachusetts to make your travels more convenient.

Dads have had their fill of toil at work. So, they deserve a luxury treatment every once in a while, especially on their birthday. Hire a luxury transportation in Boston Massachusetts to make the whole activity memorable and stress-free.

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